Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shop-and-Tell: Shopping Haulers

Moms and teens use "haul videos" to turn shopping sprees into potential profits.

Shop-And-Tell: 'Haul Videos' Turn Shopping Sprees Into Potential Profits

One of the hottest Web phenomena for fashionistas has turned shopping sprees into something that brings worldwide bragging rights.

"Haul videos," homemade online videos in which women and young girls show off their bargain-hunting triumphs, or "hauls," have gone from being an Internet sensation to a lucrative business. There are almost 300,000 haul videos currently on YouTube, with several getting millions of views.

Major Retailers Latch on to 'Hauler' Viral Videos

How Clean Are Your New Clothes? Find Out

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Outsider: A Pathway to Success?

Whether you're the President, a Nobel laureate or merely a loner, the qualities for which you're ridiculed may prove your greatest asset.

Revenge of the Introvert

The Bedrock Confidence of Barack Obama

Bullies and Victims

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Sixteen Things I Believe About Introversion

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Narcissistic Parents: Contact or Not?

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The Solo Team Player

Cognitive Outlaws

Field Guide to the Loner

Feel Like a Fraud?

Are Outsiders More Creative?

Secrets of Great Bosses

The best leaders know that power is nothing without connecting to the people below.

Are Leaders Born or Made?

History’s Greatest Trailblazer

Who Sees the Boss Most Clearly?

Let's Hear It for Followers

5 Common Pitfalls of Work Friendships

The Common Thread Among Great Bosses

The Solo Team Player

A Good Boss is a Good Leader - Quotes

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giving Your References Out

DEAR JOYCE: I became the odd man out when the staff was slashed at the company where I was a department manager. I’m not sure, but I think my immediate boss caused my separation, which makes me a bit queasy about listing her as a reference in my job hunt. Can I leave her out when I prepare my reference list?

Successful, Yet Unhappy and Bored

Q: I’m a national sales manager at a medium-sized company. I rose up the ranks, overcoming every obstacle to attain my success. I make a wonderful salary, am respected by my peers, and have a good reputation in my industry. My next career move would be to become the president of a smaller company or senior officer of a larger company, but I know that this isn’t a path I want. To be honest, I’m 35 years old and absolutely bored and feel that my success is empty. Close friends and family members laugh, and they say they wish they had my problems. But how can I find new mountains to climb?

Could Your Name Predict Your Profession?

A new LinkedIn study says yes.

LinkedIn data analysts evaluated more than 100 million profiles on the business networking site to suss out the most common CEO names.

The top name for women CEOs? Deborah. And for their male counterparts? Peter.

Here are the runners-up ...

What do you think? Have you noticed a pattern of first names among specific roles at your organization? Have your shortened your name to sound more friendly and accessible, or ditched your nickname in favor of your full first name to sound more no-nonsense? How about ditching your first name in favor of your middle name in the interest of sounding more professional?